All of us at the retail store where I work have made it a game to scare each other whenever we have the opportunity. One of my co-workers, Corey, is able to scare people all the time. The other day he scared our manager out of her wits; she screamed frightfully and almost fell down.

    In an attempt to scare people when they are least expecting it, I have tried numerous tactic, such as hiding and waiting, then suddenly reacting to something; making unusual noises; and sneaking up behind people and tickling them with a feather. Most of these attempts have concluded by my getting scared instead. Totesawk, I know. I get so caught up in my plan that I tend not to notice what everyone else is doing, therefore giving them the advantage to scare me.

    David is another story, however. He works in the back and is the only person we haven’t been able to scare. Sometimes it can get super awkward. We will be trying to creep up slowly without making any sudden moves, and just when we are about to scare him, he starts talking to us. He is always able to tell when we are near him, regardless of what he is doing. He, on the other hand, is excellent at scaring us. I was working at the register one time when suddenly he was standing beside me, asking me a question. I about jumped out of my skin! He is the quietest person I have ever met. We never know when he will strike. Help! Can anyone give me some ideas on how to scare David? I’m not giving up!


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