There’s that awkward moment when you’re with a group of friends and…something funny happens that inspires someone to quote a supposedly pertinent and funny line from a movie. No laughter…all faces draw a blank. Like the other friends, you haven’t seen the movie either, so you aren’t sure whether to laugh, pretend nothing was said, or be that inquisitive friend who asks for an explanation.

    My childhood friends are the kinds of people who can watch a movie or YouTube video once and be able to quote from it precisely. Their ability to quote, without my having a clue about the meaning or source, has always unnerved me.

    Lately, while working on class assignments, I have been watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. Because of how often I watch it, I encounter many situations that trigger quotes from the show that I feel would perfectly describe what just happened. The problem is that, if those around me haven’t seen the show, they won’t get it.

    New Girl is a show that my roommate and I used to watch together. Thus, when we exchanged quotes from it, we understood the allusions and enjoyed times of hearty laughter. She has gone to Germany for the rest of the semester, so now, when something happens and I think of a pertinent quote, it is disappointing not to have her here to share the moment.  

    Here are several rules I’ve created for myself for quoting on target:

·      Before quoting or referring to something, make sure others are aware of or can easily understand the source and setting.

·      Don’t quote without a friend around who knows what you are talking about and can back you up so you aren’t laughing alone.

·      Or just completely abstain from quoting anything and avoid any awkward situations from happening.

    Do you have comments, additions, or similar situations to report?


11/21/2013 3:50pm

My two best friends from home quote Disney movies like no one's business, and although I watched all of them as a child, I can't really remember exact quotes. This results in me awkwardly standing around trying to figure out what movie the quote is from. haha

11/22/2013 1:14pm

I tend to be one of those people who laughs not sure where in the world the quote is from. Quoting with a friend around is probably the way to go.


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