I didn’t think our campus situation was as bad as it was until I walked to class today. I had decided to greet everyone I passed, even folks I didn’t know. Well, lo and behold, it soon struck me that we have been taken over by a destructive, invasive magnetic force!

     I didn’t realize how intrusive and spellbinding cell phones have become until today. Those I passed, with one exception, were all on their cellphones. They didn’t even bother to look up when we were face to face. They were so involved in their phones that I literally had to step out of the way to keep from being run over!

    What is going on? Come on, you guys! With several thousand people on campus, surely we can spare a smile or two, coupled with a kind greeting! Can’t we save our phones for times when we’re alone? Who knows, putting our phones away might give us the opportunity to make new friends or to give encouragement to some old friends!

    So what do you say, ladies and gents? Shall we put our phones away, step outside of our comfort zones, AND watch where we’re going?

10/20/2013 5:50pm

Yes, let's put our phones down when we're around others! We could definitely benefit ourselves and others by being more aware of those around us and less attentive to our phones when we're in public settings. Thanks for that reminder!


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