So Thank Goodness It’s Friday, the beginning of the weekend. Gonna watch movies, hang out with friends, take really long naps, and enjoy the fact that it’s the weekend. The only problem I really have the free time to do all these things, or am I just forgetting everything I have to do??

    This reminds me of that moment in Harry Potter in which one of Harry's friends, Neville Longbottom, receives a "remembrall" from his Gran. It turns red if he has forgotten something; the only problem doesn’t tell you what you have forgotten. I feel like this happens to all of us at some point. We get super stoked that it’s the weekend and completely forget about all of those college assignments that we have due the following week. We can’t remember what they are until Sunday creeps up on us, signaling the end of the weekend, and all of the assignments we buried that Friday…Uh-oh!

     Here is a short list of ways to avoid that totesawk mind lapse we can have when Friday comes along:

        ·         Write your assignments down ASAP in a place you will see them

        ·      Set reminders on your phone so that you remember to do them before it’s too late

        ·       Repeat it over and over until it’s stuck in your head

        ·      and ask a friend or someone in the specific class to remind you

    Try not to be in a totesawk situation like Neville and forget the things you have to do because it’s the weekend. That test you thought was in two weeks might actually be this Monday! Have a great weekend!!

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