Having enjoyed my fall break in Florida with my “suities” the past couple days, I thought it would be fun to do a social experiment in the category of folkways! I avoided looking people in the eyes whenever I talked to or was around people.

     It was funny to see how they would try to catch my attention by attempting to get directly in front of me, staring directly into my eyes, saying my name, and touching my arm. I don’t think they could figure out why I wouldn’t look at them while talking.  

    After several minutes, I revealed what I was doing and asked their opinions on my behavior. I received several responses: “I thought you were socially awkward”, “I figured you were an introvert”, and “I thought something was wrong with me!”

    How awkward the situation becomes when we don't follow the everyday folkways people in our culture expect! My friends expected me to look at them while they were speaking to me. When I didn't, I felt ill at ease, and so did they.

    Can you think of any totesawk social experiments you can do that would break the norm of our naturally learned "instincts"? Try one out just for fun! 


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