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    An opportunity arises for you to share God's love with someone despised by your circle of friends. This could get totesawk fast! What do you do?!

     Jesus went in head first into totesawk situations with people at whom we might not have looked twice at because He knows how much we all need him; yes, even those around whom we feel awkward.

    For example, in the first part of Luke 19 when Jesus saw Zacchaeus up in a sycamore-fig tree, He immediately called out to him and said that He wanted to eat with him in his house. This was totesawk for the crowds following Jesus because they looked down on Zacchaeus because he was a chief tax collector who had become wealthy at their expense. The people couldn't believe that Jesus would even want to associate with him. However, Jesus didn't care what title the people gave the man, or even what sins he had done. He saw only a lost man who needed forgiveness and salvation. In verse 10 Jesus says, "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost."

    How difficult it is for us to see through Jesus' eyes and not through the eyes of man. We are commanded in Matthew 28:19 to go make disciples of all nations. HELP! This includes diving head first into totesawk situations.

    What are some examples of totesawk situations you've encountered when it comes to sharing about Jesus? 


Marcia B
10/09/2013 12:54pm

Early in my days on facebook, I shared a link to an article about the stance the Church of Scotland had taken concerning ordination of ministerial candidates who were homosexual, and in doing so I made a rather conservative statement. A little while later, a college friend posted a dissenting comment; I did not know she had "come out" as a gay person and was currently in seminary! Needless to say, I'm much more careful about what I post on facebook, as I have "friends" on all sides of literally any political, religious, or social issue, and do not want to alienate any of them. I'll gladly express my views in personal conversation, but not on social media!


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