When we are around the same people a lot, we can easily pick up their words or habits. It doesn’t matter if we want to or not, it automatically happens if we hear the words or see the actions frequently enough.  

            I was riding in the car with a couple of friends when one of them started talking about something that had happened. Not knowing how to respond, I said, “Well that’s awkward,” even though it wasn’t awkward. Using the word “awkward” has become a habit. Perhaps it’s because my blog page has to do with “totesawk” situations.

            One of my friends absolutely hates it when I use the word “awkward.” He gets so mad at me and has a big talk with me about the word every time I use it. Well, one night, when we were driving to Cook Out, he was talking about a weird situation that happened with his brother and out popped the word “awkward”! I couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t think it was funny and was upset with himself for saying it. Since then, he has used the phrase at least once each time we have been together. Now that I’m finally getting out of the habit, he is slowly getting into it.

    When I was younger, my best friend lived with me for our 9th grade year. My mom taught us at home, so we were around each other 24/7. We both tended to be sarcastic and joked around a lot. My friend realized that a lot of people didn’t understand that our sarcasm and jokes were not serious, so, after every joke, she started saying, “Just kidding.” Hearing her say it so much caused me to start saying it, and then we would end our own sarcastic jokes to each other with “just kidding.” How annoying! We wanted to stop saying it, but trying not to say it made us say it even more.

            Are there any words or habits that you’ve picked up from a close friend that you wish you hadn’t?


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