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    The multimedia news piece “Snowfall” is a great example of what the future is moving towards in journalism. Newspapers are becoming “old school.” Who has the time to sit down, pick up a paper, and scan through an array of articles set in a linear format that is determined by an editor’s priorities? We the readers have our own priorities and interests, so it suits us better to use a tablet, cell phone, or computer to go directly to a specific article that piques our interest.

    “Snowfall” offers various ways to engage the reader besides the text itself. It offers video interviews, picture slideshows, and interactive maps. It allows readers to experience a story at a level different from what they are used to in regular print. When we read a newspaper, we have the text and maybe a black-and-white or color picture but not much more. When we read news online, we have multimedia and hyperlinks to broaden and deepen our understanding of a subject.

    Let’s face reality. Today’s advanced technology makes reading articles online more convenient, educational, and entertaining for our fast-paced society. However, if we are going to face reality, perhaps there is a reality more important than the values of  "convenience and entertainment." What about the value of simple courtesy, of kindness to people around us? Shouldn't we examine the realities, the consequences of being a "fast-paced society"?


09/20/2013 1:20pm

That pic is totesawk!!! Love it! Fits your blog perfectly!

09/20/2013 1:24pm

Great points for you young ones! I'm afraid I'm still "old school," hanging onto the paper with all my might!

09/20/2013 1:53pm

Suzanna, You make some really good points and I agree that electronic media is the thing of the future and far more convenient than carrying around a lot of magazines. Somehow, though, I still love the feel of a book in my hands. A newspaper I can definitely do without, though! Great job!

09/20/2013 2:44pm

Great post... sad, but true. It made me think of this video I watched the other day:

Suzanna Codington
09/23/2013 3:01pm

The video is sadly very true. It makes somebody want to get rid of all our electronics and go back a couple years to life without all the fancy technology. It's sad to think we can't even have a face-to-face conversation without checking some sort of electronic device.

Thank you for sharing!

09/20/2013 3:30pm

Nothing better than reading the newspaper on a lSunday afternoon. It may be "old school" but it works for me.

09/20/2013 5:04pm

I agree that reading articles online is a lot more convenient. I can waste a lot of time going from one to another. I do like local newspapers so you can keep up with events and other things going on in your own community. Great blog!

Joe Lee
09/20/2013 5:31pm


Great Work!
You are right about technological advancements and their impact on how we receive and process information. We are seeing more and more modifications to our communications devices as companies digitize more information of all types. Like most, I do retrieve more information in digital format now than in written form, but still prefer the use of written material. I can give you a good example where the use of computerized technology to process radar technical information, become too cumbersome to use. I maintained a library of over 100,000 pages of schematics and operational information and required most of it to perform my job. The Department of Defense decided that they would computerize the entire library and wanted us to work from that during our next real world mission. We found that with the current technology available to us, it took us several hours longer to wade through the schematics, which was unacceptable. Over the next couple of weeks, we had several discussions with the DOD Program Manager about possible upgrades in technology.
Have there been any studies about the effectiveness of one source of information over another during the educational or learning process?

Suzanna Codington
09/23/2013 3:08pm

Wow, that is really interesting that y'all have to look over that for more advancements in the technology!

I have not personally seen any studies regarding the effectiveness of one source over another during the educational or learning process, but Anderson University has been watching to see how or if it helps through their mobile initiative program.

09/20/2013 6:59pm

I enjoyed your blog!! I am amazed at all the information we can find using our cell phones and computers. I don't think I am ready to give up the "old schooI" ways yet though. I still enjoy getting my newspapers out of the mail box. That way I can wave to folks going down the road , smell the fresh air, listen to the birds sing, get a little exercise, and then go home to read the news.

09/20/2013 7:04pm

Very thought-provoking and insightful! I, too, do most of my news-reading online. I've also taken to reading e-books through the Kindle app on my smart phone, some of which were downloaded from our local library. Pretty cool!

09/21/2013 12:02pm

Very interesting thoughts and I too do a lot of reading/research online but...still prefer to hold a newspaper, book or magazine in my hands!

Liz Codington
09/23/2013 2:33am

Living overseas and not having access to newspapers that cover very much international news or news from home has certainly made me appreciate technology. When in the States, however, I'll probably still pick up a newspaper to read by the fire!


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