Yesterday I was walking to class when a girl up ahead walking towards me started smiling and waving. I was super confused because I had never seen her before in my life, but I waved back anyways. Go figure! She wasn’t waving at me but at the group of people walking behind me. Definitely totesawk!

             Living on a campus full of students moving about from class to class, I find this happens often. The benefit is that I get to meet a lot of random people. That, or I continue awkwardly on my way.

            Here are some ways to avoid this awkward encounter:

-     If you know the person,
    o   Smile and wave first

    o   Greet by name, approach, and ask how things are going

    o   And if you did these things and the person either didn’t hear you or is obviously ignoring you, then continue on your way and forget the whole thing!

·      If you don’t know the person,

    o      Instead of waving back, smile or nod

    o   Wait to see if the person is going to say anything to you before responding

    o   Or pretend that you didn’t notice, and continue on your way!

    Do you have any other ideas?


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