In my early teens, I was absolutely in love with Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer from Green Day. I cut his picture out and put it in a picture binder, and I collected his posters and other memorabilia, not allowing anyone to touch them. Even my 3 bunny rabbits took on parts of his name. I was OBSESSED. The question is, why? Why was I so infatuated with someone I hardly knew? TotesAwk!

    Girls, especially younger ones, often have a crush on someone famous. We like to imagine having a perfect life with someone famous we don’t know because the guys we do know generally don’t measure up to our imaginations “perfect guy” like a hot celebrity does. We can imagine our "prince" with perfect personalities, treating us as though we are perfect princesses. We fall for this imaginary creation and can even begin to believe he is real.

    In reality we run a guy through a mental checklist:

1.     Whether they can make us laugh,

2.     Whether they are an extrovert or an introvert,

3.     Whether they are a devoted Christian or not,

4.     What type of music they listen to,

5.     And the way they dress.

    We can be very judgmental when it comes to potential dates, yet not care what a person is like when it comes to someone we probably won’t ever meet. If you ask me, that’s pretty totesawk!

    Can you think of a celebrity, or anyone you don’t know personally, that you were “in love” with??

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