One time at work I was talking to a customer whom I thought was about my age or possibly a couple of years older. When I finally asked her where she went to school, she said she was in 10th grade at Laurens High School. I couldn’t believe it! She was 4 years younger than I was. Whoa!

            On Facebook you can see pictures of college students and middle- and high- school students, and they’re all wearing the same things and posing in similar ways. Am I getting be an “old fogey” or is this a good thing? It can certainly make for some awkward moments.

            Thinking back and comparing how I acted and dressed at the age of the generation younger than mine, I am baffled by how much our society has changed. At 14, I was still not sure of “my style” and was just getting into the stage of thinking boys were cute, while, now, 14-year-old girls have already “crushed on a few guys,” possibly “dated” several, and dress more “maturely.” Furthermore, while you expect girls to act more maturely because of their “mature” appearance, you can feel quite frustrated when they don’t.

            Okay, so maybe I am “old fogey.” I do feel kids need to stay kids until they actually become adults. They don’t know what they are missing when they try to dress as though they are much older. Allowing yourself to stay young and act your age can release you from unnecessary hassles and stressful drama. Rushing “adult problems” is not “cool” at all. I would gladly rush back to the days when the most difficult challenges I faced were figuring out how to discreetly hide food on my plate that I did not want to eat and to choose the “best” crayons to color a butterfly.

            Seeing how the younger generations are trying to look older makes me wonder what the generations following theirs are going to look like. It’s already totesawk thinking I’m talking to people older than I am when they are really so young.

            Ever run into someone you thought looked older than they actually were? What was your reaction?     


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