This isn’t really relevant to my blog topic, but I had to say something since I didn’t have enough time to write a letter...

    My roomie, aka best friend, leaves in 3 days to go to Germany for health related reasons, and it saddens me! This will be one of the longest times being away from her since she first came into my life almost 4 years ago!

    She has been a big help lately with specific blog topics I will be discussing soon. I am very thankful to have her around for encouragement and ideas! Thank goodness for Skype!

    I know she’s only gone until January, but until then, it is going to be weird not being able to say those random inside jokes we have. I will just have to wait until she gets back!   

    Love and miss you Lilli! Can’t wait for your return! Looking forward to random ideas for the blog, and updates on your health! You’re in our prayers!


09/29/2013 6:16pm

Awwwww!! That's so sweet! I love you! I'm gonna miss you! (:

10/02/2013 1:13pm

That's so sad! Best of luck to her and hoping for a speedy recovery!

10/05/2013 10:04am

We'll be missing you, too, Lilli! Praying things go well for you and you return here good as new!


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