This just makes me laugh! There isn't much else to say about it except that. I hope y'all enjoy it as much a
I always thought that LAHWF resembled Mack
    I've seen this happen, and not as a joke! LAHWF just knows how to make it humorous!
    It may seem totesawk, but I think every girl secretly wishes this would happen!
    Is it just me, or does this seem to happen all the time??! Totesawk!!
    Hope this can bring a smile to your face this week. Enjoy! (:
I've done this a couple times, and not on purpose! Watching this makes me realize how ridiculous I've looked in that past.
I don't know about y'all, but I think I'd be reacting a bit more than most of them!
I've always wanted to try this. He just says such ridiculous stuff! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. (:
    To start off the week I'm going to post a video of totesawk situations thanks to Andrew Hales, aka LAHWF, for letting me use his videos. (:
    Just a little something to add some humor to the start of your week! I would love to hear of totesawk situations you've encountered or have done yourself! Enjoy! (:
    This has happened to me one too many times. Especially living on a college campus, I feel like it happens at least once a day. Totesawk!