Wacky Bed Design

    I've slept on different types of beds before, but none that looked like this! I would be scared to fall through the cracks, or wake up tangled up in it. Definitely awkward.

Creepy Baby Products

    I understand trying everything to get your baby to sleep, but really? If I was the baby I'd be crying because of those hands. That is just not normal! Totesawk!

Why Ride a Bike When You Can Ride a Horse Bike

    I don't know about y'all, but I would ride this horse bike every day to class. It is that kind of awkward that is just perfect!

The Isophone

    The Isophone is an underwater telephone design. You have the luxury of being able to talk on the phone,  while those around you are splashing and swimming. Yeah...I think I'll stick to talking on my iPhone when I'm done swimming...awkward.  

Pierced Eyeglasses

    Pierced eyeglasses are glasses that are made to attach to a piercing at the bridge of your nose. This doesn't seem convenient, just painful.  High-five to the person that

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