I don't know about y'all, but I think I'd be reacting a bit more than most of them!
     This isn’t really relevant to my blog topic, but I had to say something since I didn’t have enough time to write a letter...

    My roomie, aka best friend, leaves in 3 days to go to Germany for health related reasons, and it saddens me! This will be one of the longest times being away from her since she first came into my life almost 4 years ago!

    She has been a big help lately with specific blog topics I will be discussing soon. I am very thankful to have her around for encouragement and ideas! Thank goodness for Skype!

    I know she’s only gone until January, but until then, it is going to be weird not being able to say those random inside jokes we have. I will just have to wait until she gets back!   

    Love and miss you Lilli! Can’t wait for your return! Looking forward to random ideas for the blog, and updates on your health! You’re in our prayers!

     When we are around the same people a lot, we can easily pick up their words or habits. It doesn’t matter if we want to or not, it automatically happens if we hear the words or see the actions frequently enough.  

            I was riding in the car with a couple of friends when one of them started talking about something that had happened. Not knowing how to respond, I said, “Well that’s awkward,” even though it wasn’t awkward. Using the word “awkward” has become a habit. Perhaps it’s because my blog page has to do with “totesawk” situations.

            One of my friends absolutely hates it when I use the word “awkward.” He gets so mad at me and has a big talk with me about the word every time I use it. Well, one night, when we were driving to Cook Out, he was talking about a weird situation that happened with his brother and out popped the word “awkward”! I couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t think it was funny and was upset with himself for saying it. Since then, he has used the phrase at least once each time we have been together. Now that I’m finally getting out of the habit, he is slowly getting into it.

    When I was younger, my best friend lived with me for our 9th grade year. My mom taught us at home, so we were around each other 24/7. We both tended to be sarcastic and joked around a lot. My friend realized that a lot of people didn’t understand that our sarcasm and jokes were not serious, so, after every joke, she started saying, “Just kidding.” Hearing her say it so much caused me to start saying it, and then we would end our own sarcastic jokes to each other with “just kidding.” How annoying! We wanted to stop saying it, but trying not to say it made us say it even more.

            Are there any words or habits that you’ve picked up from a close friend that you wish you hadn’t?

I've always wanted to try this. He just says such ridiculous stuff! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. (:
     Yesterday I was walking to class when a girl up ahead walking towards me started smiling and waving. I was super confused because I had never seen her before in my life, but I waved back anyways. Go figure! She wasn’t waving at me but at the group of people walking behind me. Definitely totesawk!

             Living on a campus full of students moving about from class to class, I find this happens often. The benefit is that I get to meet a lot of random people. That, or I continue awkwardly on my way.

            Here are some ways to avoid this awkward encounter:

-     If you know the person,
    o   Smile and wave first

    o   Greet by name, approach, and ask how things are going

    o   And if you did these things and the person either didn’t hear you or is obviously ignoring you, then continue on your way and forget the whole thing!

·      If you don’t know the person,

    o      Instead of waving back, smile or nod

    o   Wait to see if the person is going to say anything to you before responding

    o   Or pretend that you didn’t notice, and continue on your way!

    Do you have any other ideas?

    To start off the week I'm going to post a video of totesawk situations thanks to Andrew Hales, aka LAHWF, for letting me use his videos. (:
    Just a little something to add some humor to the start of your week! I would love to hear of totesawk situations you've encountered or have done yourself! Enjoy! (:
    This has happened to me one too many times. Especially living on a college campus, I feel like it happens at least once a day. Totesawk!
PictureTeaching mom how to navigate the web & other apps using her cell phone!
(this post is a class assignment & not a part of my blogs topic)
    The multimedia news piece “Snowfall” is a great example of what the future is moving towards in journalism. Newspapers are becoming “old school.” Who has the time to sit down, pick up a paper, and scan through an array of articles set in a linear format that is determined by an editor’s priorities? We the readers have our own priorities and interests, so it suits us better to use a tablet, cell phone, or computer to go directly to a specific article that piques our interest.

    “Snowfall” offers various ways to engage the reader besides the text itself. It offers video interviews, picture slideshows, and interactive maps. It allows readers to experience a story at a level different from what they are used to in regular print. When we read a newspaper, we have the text and maybe a black-and-white or color picture but not much more. When we read news online, we have multimedia and hyperlinks to broaden and deepen our understanding of a subject.

    Let’s face reality. Today’s advanced technology makes reading articles online more convenient, educational, and entertaining for our fast-paced society. However, if we are going to face reality, perhaps there is a reality more important than the values of  "convenience and entertainment." What about the value of simple courtesy, of kindness to people around us? Shouldn't we examine the realities, the consequences of being a "fast-paced society"?